How to tell a man about endometriosis? From a man to man!

How to tell a man about endometriosis?

Men don’t understand endometriosis they never fully will, so let’s put it out there! How do I know this? Well, I’m a man. Period. But how to tell a man about endometriosis if he isn’t going to get it?


Endometriosis for Men

    Let’s face it girl, he doesn’t have to get it, but if he’s willing to learn how endometriosis affects your daily life, he is going to be more supportive of your needs in the future.

    Wouldn’t you like that?

    Of course, you need his support! So, here’s how it’s done, here’s the answer to how to tell a man about endometriosis:

    Find a suitable time for him to talk. Talk openly about your endometriosis symptoms, be honest about how they may affect him. Let him know that pain, fatigue, brain fog may change your plans. Explain painful sex, mood swings, and anxiety. Find a way to work around endometriosis symptoms together.

    How to tell a man about endometriosis step by step?

    I gave you a direct answer above so it gives you a rough idea of how to do it. But you need more details. So here’s a quick detailed checklist for how to tell a man about endometriosis step by step:

    • Learn about endometriosis before you tell him.
    • Choose the right time for him to talk.
    • Be honest about your symptoms.
    • Be honest about how it may affect your relationship.
    • Be supportive of his reaction.
    • Get him professional help if he needs it.

    I am sure that figuring out your plan on how to tell a man about endometriosis you ask yourself the following questions:

    • What exactly do I say?
    • How do I say it?
    • How do I educate him like a pro?

    Before we move on to the details of how to tell a man about endometriosis step by step, I am going to answer these three questions.

    What exactly do I say?

    It may happen that you plan to talk with your man but pain catches you off guard or you may feel exhausted. This won’t allow you to think straight. In such a situation, you need to postpone the conversation.

    When you feel well, this would be the best time to talk, so explain to him that in advance.

    When all is well and you can talk, you don’t want to be vague like you would with people on the street, this is your partner you are talking to, so you need to be thorough. Like I said previously, educate yourself on your illness, talk openly and honestly.

    How do I say it?

    Be prepared for standard replies, it can prevent you from a lot of frustration. An example here would be the usual “how are you”, “it could be worse”, or “it’s going to be okay”.

    So be prepared for these responses, as always, to speak from the heart of how you feel.

    How do I educate him like a pro?

    After a decade of suffering, my wife knows more about her endometriosis than any doctor in the field.

    How? She’s an expert in her own body, her own feelings. No doctor can top that!

    So what can you take from this? Again, it comes back to your honesty and openness. That’s the secret. You know your own body and mind more than any medical practitioner.

    How to tell a man about endometriosis 1

    Other ideas on how to tell a man about endometriosis…

    If most of the time you don’t feel well enough to talk but you want to educate him about your health or endometriosis in general, and you feel that he will be more receptive in another way, you may want to go into more detail using the following:

    • Pamphlets.
    • Brochures.
    • Printed materials.
    • Support groups.

    I support my wife by attending her endometriosis group meetings with other women who organize them. You can find more on their UK website. These are extremely helpful educational tools. Talking of tools, I have a great one for you!

    I wrote an “Endo-Tool” e-Book that educates male partners about endometriosis. It shows the perspective of a man in a relationship with a woman who has endometriosis.

    I give in this book plenty of tips on how to cope, help, support, assist, deal with own emotions, and most of all educate male partners on what endometriosis is in extreme detail.

    All from a medical but also personal point of view as a man who supports his wife in her struggles with endometriosis.

    I know this is something that will speak to your partner well. It is going to help you with your questions about how to tell a man about endometriosis.

    I wrote it entirely myself, but my lovely wife who suffers from advanced stage IV deep infiltrating endometriosis and fibromyalgia disorder, edited it well so it fits all the criteria for both – men and women.

    So, if you are happy to receive a few valuable emails from us, you can join our fantastic bunch of Worry Head members, and get a FREE 1st chapter of the endometriosis e-Book that contains 20 pages filled with pure value. Here’s what’s inside:

    • What is endometriosis?
    • What are the symptoms?
    • What causes endometriosis?
    • What does endometriosis look like?
    • What are the stages?
    • What are the types?
    • What is adenomyosis and how is it related to endometriosis?
    • Why do some women develop severe endo and others don’t?
    • Does endometriosis cause infertility?
    • How is endometriosis diagnosed?
    • Do types and stages affect the treatment?
    • Recurrence of endometriosis after excision surgery.

    Get FREE “Endo-Tool”

    Endometriosis for Men e-Book

    FREE Endo-Tool e-Book yellow image

      By giving him this FREE gift, you give him space and time to learn about endometriosis when it suits him best.

      It also helps you a great deal. Let’s face it, it can be very uncomfortable to talk to a man about it, and you want to feel a sense of control. So read it yourself and decide if it’s suitable for him.

      Meanwhile at the ranch…

      I did not forget about the conversation. Let’s get right to it! Below you’ll find expanded points on how to tell a man about endometriosis step by step.

      How to tell a man about endometriosis in 6 steps?

      Learn about endometriosis before you tell him.

      Your man will have some questions about how endometriosis affects your body so having an answer prepared helps a lot. Educate yourself about endometriosis.

      Even though your body tells you a lot already, it’s good to have more than your own experience.

      Apart from Dr. Google, you can talk with your specialist. Find out all you can. Additionally, ask whether your particular endometriosis might affect your fertility.

      Choose the right time for him to talk.

      This is important because you don’t want him to be stressed at the time of your conversation as he won’t focus on what you have to say.

      Don’t surprise him with the conversation, tell him that you want to talk and ask what would be the best time for him. Let him know you want to talk about endometriosis.

      Make sure it’s just you and him, in a quiet place, ideally home, a place free from distractions.

      Be honest about your symptoms.

      This is important, you need to be honest. Not only with him but with yourself too. Tell him how your symptoms might affect both of you.

      Make him feel that you care about the impact on him. Let your partner know that pain, fatigue, brain fog, and bleeding can interrupt your plans from time to time.

      And don’t forget to mention painful sex. He needs to know this so try other ways to be intimate when sex is too painful.

      You need to figure out ways to work around your symptoms together. For example, you might suggest watching Netflix at home instead of going to the cinema.

      Be honest about how it may affect your relationship.

      This doesn’t only apply to sex but planning on having kids, your finances, as work may be also affected.

      Be supportive of his reaction.

      Even though your partner may act tough, it may shock him deep inside. He may be overwhelmed with the number of negative consequences that endometriosis brings.

      Some men can be very insensitive to pain, they don’t automatically understand or even have sympathy. Unfortunately, some men disbelieve their partners, however, you know yours best.

      Get him professional help if he needs it.

      Knowing how to tell a man about endometriosis means knowing that he may not take it well in a sense of emotions.

      If your man isn’t coping well with your diagnosis, seek help from a professional. Book the next doctor appointment and go there together. Or schedule a couple’s session with an experienced counselor who is familiar with treating people with chronic conditions like endometriosis.

      Printable endometriosis pdf…

      Before I let you go, just a quick note, that if you decide to opt for the 1st chapter of “Endo-Tool”, you will get extra bonuses in a form of fabulous printables!

      These are endometriosis pdf printables ready to be downloaded and printed. They look great on the desktop computer, on the laptop, tablet, and on the mobile.

      I designed these endometriosis pdf files to suit all your devices. They are super helpful on the go, anytime, anywhere, and they will be also FREE.

      If you like this post and found it helpful, share it! It is going to help other people too.

      And don’t be shy, leave a comment below. Share your opinion. Maybe you have a better idea of how to tell a man about endometriosis?

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