Is acne related to endometriosis? Helping your partner cope with endometriosis…

If your partner suffers from endometriosis, you may have many questions. If one of them is about your partner’s skin changes, know that acne related to endometriosis is actually quite common.


Endometriosis for Men

    Endometriosis is one of those chronic illnesses that will affect you and your partner’s struggles will become yours.

    My wife has advanced, stage IV, deep infiltrating endometriosis. Lately, she noticed acne on her face and so I decided to educate myself about the topic, and find the connection between skin problems and endo.

    You can help your partner overcome it since she has so many things to deal with, and supporting her with skin problems will take a lot of strain on her shoulders.

    So, if your girl has acne related to endometriosis here’s what you need to know:

    Endometriosis has been linked to acne because of hormonal imbalances and sensitivities that your partner often experiences. Hormonal acne may arise temporarily either before or around her period.

    Endometriosis acne may take several forms. One of them is hormonal adult acne, typically forming in the lower part of her face, including the bottom of your partner’s cheeks and around her jawline.

    Some acne takes the form of black or whiteheads. These are small pimples that may even become cysts.

    Such cysts form deep under the skin and don’t come to the surface and are very often tender to touch. Your partner may also deal with painful acne blemishes.

    If you wonder if there is any correlation between her endometriosis and acne, science shows that acne may be connected.

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      Acne factors.

      There are four factors that contribute to acne:

      • An excessive oil production.
      • The clogging of pores.
      • An overgrowth of bacteria.
      • Inflammation.

      But what it has to do with your partner’s illness? How is acne related to endometriosis?

      Studies have already confirmed the link between endometriosis and acne.

      The main factors are the hormonal imbalances experienced by women who are diagnosed with endometriosis.

      Since your partner suffers from endometriosis, it means that she has estrogen dominance.

      Estrogen dominance occurs when she has more of it as opposed to progesterone. Her levels of estrogen are way higher than her progesterone levels, which results in a hormonal imbalance.

      My wife has stage IV deeply infiltrating type of endometriosis, therefore she has very negative effects of hormonal imbalance.

      How hormonal imbalance leads to acne?

      Discussing acne related to endometriosis, one of the things that are associated with elevated levels of estrogen is that endometriosis causes an inflammatory response throughout your partner’s body.

      Since inflammation is one of the triggers for her acne, endometriosis is one of the acne causes.

      But is there a connection between endometriosis and cystic acne?

      A cystic acne is a form of acne that causes cysts deep beneath the skin. Unlike the typical pimple, these painful bumps are known for being tender to touch.

      Cystic acne is triggered by hormones in the similar same way as endometriosis is triggered.

      Endometriosis and acne increase inflammation within your partner’s body. Since she is extra sensitive to inflammation, she may be sensitive to endometriosis acne breakouts as well.

      Acne related to endometriosis 1

      What affects endometriosis and acne?

      The first factor affecting acne related to endometriosis is diet.

      If your girl struggles with acne, you will want to tell her to stay away from products that cause inflammation, including:

      • Sugar.
      • Caffeine.
      • Alcohol.
      • Dairy products.
      • Gluten.
      • Refined foods.
      • Fast foods.

      The second factor affecting both endometriosis and acne is stress.

      Chronic conditions are triggered by stress, and endometriosis and acne are no exceptions. The reason being is that under stress inflammation quickly grows.

      Since chronic illnesses originate from childhood trauma, untreated causes stress, anxiety, even depression later in life.

      This is why meditation, yoga, pilates, and taking time to distress, can reduce her stress and help her partner manage endometriosis better, and its skin breakouts.

      The third factor affecting endometriosis and acne is the menstrual cycle, which is caused by:

      • Killer cramps.
      • Bloating.
      • Mood changes.

      Many women with endometriosis find that their skin comes under an attack of acne between 7 and 10 days before they start their period.

      If that’s the case with your partner, she definitely has endometriosis acne because women with endometriosis have a higher rate of many skin conditions, such as rosacea, psoriasis, and dermatitis.

      Rosacea is a common skin condition resulting in redness and visible blood vessels in the face and sometimes produces small, red pimples.

      The exact cause of Rosacea is unknown, but it’s thought that it may be a result of inflammation in the body.

      Psoriasis is an autoimmune skin disease known to speed up the growth cycle of skin cells.

      This rapid growth results in dry, thick patches on your partner’s skin that tend to be covered with a silver and white coating, looking like scales. It causes itching, sabbing, throbbing, burning pain.

      Studies have shown a connection between this condition and endometriosis, specifically due to inflammation, as it’s the case for Rosacea.

      In women with endometriosis, dermatitis looks like another skin condition – eczema, which is known as atopic dermatitis.

      Atopic dermatitis causes your loved one’s skin to become red and very itchy. My wife believes she has that. After having a look at her cheeks below the ears, it looks just like it.

      And again, you guessed it, endometriosis often causes her inflammation, which makes her belly blow.

      This is often mistaken for IBS but proves that inflammation is there, and at the same time, her skin repeatedly looks like she has acne before her period.

      Are you wondering what causes acne related to endometriosis? You guessed it – inflammation!

      Even though my wife didn’t always have the acne problem, for many women having endometriosis is a constant battle with acne, and it can seem to be never-ending.

      Endometriosis causes your partner’s skin to react unpredictably. One of the skin issues with endo is the inconsistency of the skin. One day her skin will be free of all rashes and be clear, the next day it can break out in rashes and pimples.

      This actually happens to my wife, it’s impossible to predict. Skin issues caused by endometriosis can cause humiliation, shame, and physical and psychological pain to your partner.

      My wife hates looking in the mirror whenever her acne pops out.

      If your woman is having trouble managing her skin because of endometriosis, then it would be time to schedule an appointment with the doc.

      The doctor should send her to the dermatologist in order to find out what products will suit your partner’s skin type best, and what changes she can do in her lifestyle to maintain the natural balance of her skin.

      The goal is to try to keep hormones in as close to a perfect balance as possible. Below you will find some ideas that may help her maintain that sweet spot…

      The endo-diet!

      It’s a healthy diet that will be a huge piece of the management of your partner’s endometriosis.

      My wife’s endo-diet is anti-inflammatory, as it should be. It helped hundreds of other women manage the symptoms of both endometriosis and acne.

      What does an endometriosis diet look like? Here’s what you need to know about going to do your partner’s food shopping.

      She should eat plenty of low Fodmap foods such as:

      • Fresh fruits and vegetables.
      • High fiber foods.
      • Quality fats such as olive oil and fish.

      She should go easy on:

      • Coffee, unless it’s decaf.

      She should avoid at all costs:

      • Chocolate.
      • Alcohol.
      • Dairy products.
      • Soy products.
      • Gluten.
      • Refined sugar.
      • Red meat.
      Acne related to endometriosis 2

      Exercise and night routine…

      Your partner should exercise. You might think what acne related to endometriosis has to do with it?

      Because if you manage endometriosis, you also manage acne.

      If she suffers from endometriosis, it’s vital that she finds herself the right exercise routine. Should she train for a marathon or hit the gym for cross-fit? Nope.

      Your partner should take it easy, that is the key!

      If either of you has a dog, she can walk the dog. She may also find a swimming pool, and do some easy rounds.

      Your loved one should do some very gentle core-strengthening workout, and practice her diaphragmatic breathing. Do lunges and squats, engaging in stretching.

      Gentle rock climbing, yoga class, or pilates work magic too.

      A nighttime routine is also very important too!

      My wife spends every evening at least 20 mins in front of the mirror taking care of her face.

      You should tell your partner (unless she already does it) to always wash her face before going to bed because leaving makeup on overnight can allow bacteria to grow on her skin.

      Acne loves bacteria!

      As a man, I may not know what mild cleanser or quality moisturizer is but your partner does, and it is supposed to work wonders clearing up endo skin breakouts.

      As with any kind of skincare, it’s important not to overdo it. The last thing your loved one wants is to irritate her skin. She should avoid products containing pore-clogging oils!


      Let’s talk about a holistic approach to acne related to endometriosis. My wife is a big fan of a holistic approach, so am I. She’s a natural kind of girl!

      Some herbs that have proven to be effective in fighting the battle of both endometriosis and acne symptoms are as follows:

      Chamomile – drinking a cuppa of chamomile tea may help symptoms of endometriosis. Chrysin, a compound found in the herb Chamomile, suppresses the growth of endometrial cells.

      Milk Thistle, Burdock, and Dandelion – these three herbs have a great cleansing reputation. They also cleanse the blood and strengthen the liver.

      Since the liver detoxifies your partner’s body, it’s important to keep it working properly as it can help to eliminate endometriosis skin breakouts.

      Turmeric – Curcumin is a component found in turmeric, which is a perfect herb for helping to reduce the pain and inflammation brought by endometriosis and acne.

      Green tea – epigallocatechin gallate (EGCC) is a polyphenol found in green tea, which slows the growth of new blood vessels.

      There is evidence to prove that green tea may provide a new way of endometriosis treatment.

      More useful advice!

      Since endometriosis is a disease that causes inflammation in the body and your partner should try to avoid using any products on the skin that can make this condition worse.

      When shopping for skincare products, she should look for organic products that are Paraben and Sulphate free.

      Such a holistic approach to skincare will help her handle skin problems better. Additionally, she should consult with her dermatologist.

      Going natural can be costly, but many of the products on the market are full of chemicals and toxins and will affect her hormones.

      The harshness of the ingredients can worsen skin conditions over time because of stripping the body of its natural oils and aggravating the skin with perfumes or other ingredients.

      To summarize, endometriosis is definitely linked with hormonal imbalance and plays a large role in acne.

      Aside from hormones, when puberty hits, the body produces excess oil, so it’s very easy for oil, dirt, bacteria to get clogged up in the holes of our skin, which is known as “pores”.

      When these pores are clogged like this, many of the women, especially with endometriosis, get acne, with either whiteheads or blackheads.

      Don’t forget that unlike us, women care very much about their looks. When acne occurs, it may affect your partner’s mental state. Try to be supportive.

      I hope this post allows you to help with that.

      Take care, my friend!

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