Money anxiety

Money anxiety

Money anxiety – tips for saving money when chronically ill! Let’s begin! Money anxiety. Money and mental health always impact one another. As of June 2020, I still have and blog on the side. I decided to write this article because our financial situation greatly impacts our lives and mental health. I am going to … Read more

Panic Disorder

Panic disorder horizontal

Panic Disorder! M’s story… About panic disorder… Before you can begin to combat the awful symptoms of panic disorder you need to think about why you are having them.  Dig down deep and think, There are lots of reasons why people experience extreme anxiety and panic attacks, I wish I had asked myself those questions … Read more

Can anxiety cause chest pain?

Can anxiety cause a chest pain

Can anxiety cause chest pain? So, can anxiety cause chest pain? Can anxiety cause chest pain? This is a very commonly asked question. The answer is short and simple – yes. But there is more to it than one little sentence. In order to understand the very question, we need to go back to prehistoric … Read more