What type of working from home can help caregivers?

What type of working from home can help caregivers care for the chronically ill spouse?

What type of working from home can help caregivers?

If working from home can help caregivers in many aspects of life, and their partners who suffer from a chronic illness, why on earth nobody’s doing it?

Because people are stuck in the rat race cycle, trying to figure out how to make ends meet, and because people follow other people.

If you do all the time the same thing, you will get the same odd results.

Only if you stop doing what everyone else does, you can escape the vicious cycle.

So if you don’t want to work your heart out doing a job you hate, pay taxes and die, I’d invite you to read the whole article because every bit of it has valuable information that you will benefit from.

“But how can I possibly support my partner if I don’t go to work” I hear you ask?

There is only one way that has the highest probability of escaping the rat race without a risk.

This post explains to you exactly what it is, how to do it, and answers the question – how working from home can help caregivers care for a spouse whose chronically ill?

Here’s the answer:

Becoming a full-time blogger is the best, the quickest, and safest way to make money. An additional benefit of blogging is that there is no risk of losing anything. Within only $2.75 a month, you can build an online business from nothing to financial freedom!

By blogging, not only you help millions of people solve their problems, this kind of working from home can help caregivers like yourself erase the physical, emotional, and mental stress that comes with the usual 9-5 job.

The benefits of blogging about your situation are helping your mind and wallet!

What type of working from home can help caregivers?

Being a caregiver can feel a lot like being alone a lot of the time as we are forgotten. It seems like you are with your partner, but our day-to-day lives don’t allow us to take care of ourselves the same way we take care of our partner.

When I originally looked for the answer to my question to find the best solution to my problem, all I could see on the first page of Google were suggestions such as:

  • Get serious about schedules.
  • Get a headset.
  • Don’t forget to eat.
  • Scope out resources and advocates early.
  • Develop parallel strategies for caregiving.
  • Build backup care and breaks for yourself.


How such a number of suggestions can answer what type of work should I do?

So, what type of working from home can help caregivers connects all the dots, and solve all their issues, including:

  1. The financial burden.
  2. The lack of time for the partner.
  3. The emotional and mental struggles.
  4. The care chronically ill spouse really needs.

There are many ways to make money from blogging, such as:

  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Adverts on your blog.
  • Charging for writing content.
  • Selling digital products on your blog.
  • Writing and selling e-Books.
  • Creating and selling e-Courses.

The options for making money from blogging are endless, but what matters the most is the fact that building a blog costs you only a cup of coffee per month, your free time, willingness to change your life, and most of all – patience…

Apart from providing better care for chronically ill partners, a big benefit of blogging is that working from home can help caregivers and their spouses bring their relationship closer.

You can make many problems go away, such as financial, social, marital, mental, and medical.

The financial burden!

That is the biggest problem that partners of chronically ill people face.

My wife has endometriosis, but she was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia. These conditions cause her to experience daily chronic pain, and the flare-ups of symptoms that accompany these illnesses are vast, often causing fatigue, anxiety, and depression.

Many times my M needed my support because of her terrible flare-ups which come and go in the least expected time.

Oftentimes, I had to skip work last minute, which not only made me feel worried about what my employer was going to say, but my job could be at stake, and therefore – my finances.

Many caregivers experience financial problems due to the fact that the caregiving job doesn’t pay enough.

But many spousal caregivers do it for free. That raises the financial issue even more. When your chronically ill loved one cannot work because of an ill-health condition, the pressure is on you.

However, you cannot just abandon your partner and go to work, your spouse needs your physical and emotional support. That can’t be done from a distance.

So what do you do? You begin to worry about the financial future and well-being of both of you.

Blogging helps solve that problem. In order to avoid money anxiety, the best thing you can do is start a blog, because working from home can help caregivers with their financial burden.

If you want to know more about how to start a blog, you can look at one of many posts I wrote on the subject, such as giving up work to care for my wife, or 12 reasons to start blogging about your caregiving, or the one where I explain what to do when you can’t work because of caregiving.

But what about the time you want to spend with your partner. Can blogging help?

The lack of time for the partner.

The second reason why working from home can help caregivers care for their chronically ill spouse better is to give them more time and full attention.

When you work outside of your home doing a typical 9 to 5 job, you’re away from your spouse. It doesn’t help your partner’s recovery.

Even though there is no cure for illnesses such as endometriosis and fibromyalgia, my wife benefits from me being at home more than when I’m at work.

By being at work away from M, I cannot attend to her immediate needs. I don’t see her for 12 hours a day, in my eyes, this isn’t helping!

It can be especially noticeable in times when she needs me desperately.

In the past, the unknown symptoms my wife had and the lack of the doctor’s involvement in the help she really needed, drove M to suicidal thoughts. If I wasn’t around at the time, my wife wouldn’t be here today.

I supported her through the darkest time of her life. I’m glad I was there, I’m glad I chose her over a job.

I thought, can find another job, but I won’t find such a woman like my wife.

If I only could, ideally, I’d stay at home 24/7 and be with my M to support her fully. I could even blog at the same time…

Hey, wait a minute… blogging allows just that!

Exactly! You can choose your hours of working on your blog, even an hour a day would be enough to sustain its growth when your blog begins to make money.

You could wake up and directly attend to your partner’s needs without worrying about being late to work and being sucked.

This brings me to another point…

What type of working from home can help caregivers care for the chronically ill spouse 1

The emotional and mental struggles.

When you don’t have time for your partner and you think about them worryingly at work, that by the way doesn’t pay you enough, you begin to struggle emotionally and mentally.

The demands of spousal caregiving while working full-time, can be really exhausting and overwhelming. You lose a sense of balance, joy, and hope in your life.

Caregivers like you and me are critical national health care resources. We are often the primary source of care and support for our relatives, saving the government billions in money annually if we had to be purchased.

But the toll it has on us is still unspoken of. Our psychological struggles go unnoticed because society expects us to care for our loved ones.

Whether you became a caregiver gradually or all of sudden due to your partner’s crisis, whether willingly or by default, many emotions surface when you take on the job of spousal caregiving.

Some feelings come out right away but some don’t come out for a while.

Whatever your situation, remember that you are important too!

All the emotions, good or bad, are important.

Many of us said at some point, that this won’t affect us, but after a while, negative emotions begin to come up.

If you don’t deal with your emotions, they will keep piling up until you acknowledge them. Not paying attention to your feelings can lead to caregiver burnout.

However, when you admit to your feelings, you will find a way to express and deal with them. That, in return, will help your care receiver and you cope better in the future.

The care your spouse needs.

The last benefit of working from home can help caregivers care for their chronically ill partner with the needs they really require, for instance:

The stage IV deep infiltrating endometriosis my wife has isn’t common, it affects only 1% to 5% of women affected by endometriosis.

When a woman has to wait in a monthly queue to have laparoscopic surgery to minimize her symptoms, she can really struggle to manage through the agonizing pain this condition often causes.

When done right, blogging allows you to earn a lot of money, enough to provide for your spouse’s private care, avoid the queue, avoid the pain.

The same goes for fibromyalgia, which my wife also suffers from. In order to manage the symptoms of fibromyalgia, you need to have a holistic approach to this disorder.

Having enough money from your blog, you can provide your partner with a hot tub, a whole range of CBD, and any essential oils that help.

Aside from that, you can afford a private physio, CBT, acupuncture, spa retreat, the list goes on, as long as you take such a holistic approach to help your partner recover.


I think that sums it all up!

Knowing now what type of working from home can help caregivers care for the chronically ill spouse, I hope you will fire up your laptop and start blogging today.

Blogging can serve you as therapy. Writing is one of the best ways to express your emotions.

Your readers are going to read, learn from you, solve their problems, and thank you for it.

Having a job where you set your hours, you are your own boss, and the goal is helping other people, is the best choice you will ever make.

Take care!

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