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Blog with WordPress everybody! I am going to show you 7 life-changing reasons, why to start a blog.

For those who don’t know me, I run the Worry Head blog along with my partner in crime, my beautiful wife. We help people and their loved ones with mental health problems and endometriosis.

We show the perspective of the supporter and the sufferer. To get to know us better, check us out on our “About page”.

Blog with WordPress everybody! I am going to show you 7 life-changing reasons, why to start a blog.

For those who don’t know me, I run my Worry Head blog along with my partner in crime, my beautiful wife. We help people and their loved ones with mental health problems and endometriosis.

We show the perspective of the supporter and the sufferer. To get to know us better, check us out on our About page.

Meanwhile at the ranch…

Whilst I am writing this article, people, like yourself, are reading this very blog. People from all around the world. 

As you can see above, I attached a screenshot of one of the days to show you how it looks. Every day is different but most of the time the United Kingdom and the United States take the lead.

There are many blogs out there. Well, there is 7.53 billion people in the world. To date, there are 1.6 billion websites, and more than 500 million are recognized as blogs. Their authors write over 2 million blog posts daily.

It brings me to the first reason, why to start a blog…


The first reason is the most important in my view, because of its benefits to other people. Not only helpful to the blogger but also to the readers.

As I described extensively in my blogging about mental health post, many people read, because the internet is vast and there is a lot of free information out there.

The fact that there are 500 million blogs and a big number of them (like us) are dedicated to mental health, sharing each other’s knowledge and experience, allows other people to solve their problems.

That is exactly what we do here at Worry Head!

So how does blogging help? In a nutshell, it makes you focus on something. You have a goal, which you focus on and you forget about your problems.

Distraction is one of the best medicines when it comes to dealing with mental health problems. Blogging distracts your mind from your everyday worry and on top of that, you get to help others.

I supported my M in her battle with mental health issues. Today I help her in the battle with a physical and chronic condition that shaped her life – endometriosis.

I never struggled emotionally, I am a very optimistic person. But my dear wife’s past, which I will keep private, led her to mental health problems, such as anxiety, depression, OCD, even suicidal thoughts and attempts.

I never experienced this scary illness myself and I did not know how to deal with it, I didn’t know how to help. But I lived through it, I felt it to some extent.


My wife’s pain became my own. But I wasn’t there to soak and worry, she needed help that I could provide. 

I began writing daily notes to capture my own feelings because I needed to let them out. I never wanted her to know how I felt because the burden of mental illness was difficult to deal with already. 

My daily notes grew to the point, that after putting them together and adding necessary pages, I wrote a book on how to support your loved one, with the title “No amount of anxiety will push me away! A guide to supporting your loved one.”

Since January 2019, over a period of nine months, I dedicated my free time to learning how to create and design a website. I began to use every opportunity. On the train to work, on my break, the way back, at home when my wife went to sleep.

I was very dedicated, working, and learning non-stop. I slept 4-5 hours per night but it was all worth it and I really enjoyed the process.

As we know, in today’s digital era, online income is the best to go if you want to work from home.

So I decided to combine three things into one – helping people, my wife, and myself. I realized I could blog my way to better mental health and a healthier bank balance. This felt like no brainer!

We want to make a change, we want to help others and at the same time ourselves.

For me, blogging allowed me not to be bored during my wife’s recovery from depression. I was left alone. She’s gone through 4 suicidal attempts. I needed to be close, keep her safe, make her feel wanted, and loved. I couldn’t be far.

As a supporter, blogging allowed me to escape reality and I recharged my batteries by doing something for myself.

Later on, M joined me and today she contributes to Worry Head. 

Blogging allowed her to forget and today she’s happier than she’s ever been, looking forward to the future.

Psychologists and psychiatrists around the world are using their blogs to help each other. My wife and I are just one of a million bloggers using our Worry Head blog to give mental health a boost. We want to make a change, we want to help others and at the same time ourselves.

My wife is very passionate about spreading awareness of Endometriosis. She wants to make a lasting change and help other people with this chronic condition that affects 1 in 10 women around the world. Yes, it really is that common!

Writing and sharing our knowledge through blogging is the best way to distract yourself from any negativity. It makes you focus on something else than worries. It’s just the best medicine for your mental state.

Myself and M, I want to help people. But realizing that you can make passive income from it made us want it more. You see, you can kill two birds with one stone. And that brings me to another reason why to start a blog.


Just to be clear – I am not at the stage yet, where I make a lot of money from blogging. I am actually quite new to it. As for November 2019 – it is 2 months and a week since I published Worry Head.

I will not brag about it, because we only provide here at Worry Head true information. I will not be telling you pokey pies on the subject of how much I earn. I’m not at this stage yet. Why would you listen to what I have to say then?

Because I will direct you to people I know. They are successful and I learn from them. This is why our blog grows with such speed, even though it is the first I’ve ever created. Again, (when I was writing this) it is only 2 months old.

But despite such a short time, I’ve learned a lot, I achieved a lot! Sure, I could learn from the best and follow their steps, paying for their courses, which are undoubtedly very useful but where would that leave me?

If you rely on a mechanic to repair your car, it is a shortcut and you might save yourself a lot of stress and hassle. However, if your car breaks down in the middle of a deserted area, what are you gonna do if the mechanic isn’t around?

I applied the same principle to building my website. Before going live, I studied and learned for 8 months. If anything was to go wrong (as it always does with online business), I know how to solve the issue.

Before you make any money from a blog, you need to put your hard-earned cash into it.

Of course, you can start for free, if the name of the game is your hobby, but if you want to make money from any kind of online business, you have to put the money in first.

I started cheap, in my opinion, the best hosting company on the planet – Hostgator. They have excellent tech engineers, who will help you with the most difficult issues. They are so friendly, you feel like talking to a friend.

So without any questions, I totally recommend you write a blog. You can start your blog with Hostgator for as little as £2.75 a month! 

There are many people making a living out of their blogs. Not only do they help people solve their problems but they help themselves.

To make a living out of something you love to do instead of waking every single day, going to work, sweating your butt off for someone else, is a goal for every blogger. Unfortunately, not many make that far.

Blogging is an art and you need to have a passion for it. If you don’t, you only gonna burn off and waste your time. I don’t mean to discourage anyone, oh no! But if you want to achieve anything in life, you need to put work into it first.

The best people I know up to date, who are making a great income from their blogs are Alex and Lauren of Createandgo!

They are the couple to follow. Simply check them out and you’ll be amazed. The blog about blogging.


Having friends in the big blogging family is the greatest benefit of all. You get to know and sometimes even meet a wonderful bunch of people. 

Whatever niche you choose, you will find there are literally hundreds and thousands of awesome people going through the same problems, ideas, adventures as you do. You get to connect and exchange your information and knowledge.

Life is better you meet new people. These days rarely does anyone go to the bar. That’s not common anymore. We live in a digital era and the majority of us stay on the front of the screen.

It also allows you to express yourself better. I’m not saying you should stare at the screen all day, it’s great to have human contact, but when you talk to someone face to face, you need to answer straight away.

When online, you have time to digest every little sentence and respond in a way that is thoughtful, because you don’t feel “cornered”. You have a lot of time to respond.

When writing a short post, long article, or even an e-Book, you think things through and do it better. You can connect with millions of people rather than a few.

But how do you form a bond with other bloggers?

Here are some awesome reasons why you should create blogging friendships:

  • You can’t do blogging alone. You want to feel that your blog matters. You want to help people and you want them to interact with you.
  • You want to stay inspired. you gain a lot of energy and motivation from your blogging friends. It allows you to stay consistent in what you do.
  • You’ve got each other’s back. Connecting with other bloggers in your niche is definitely one of the most effective ways to help more people, help your blog grow, and even your own marketing. You scratch their back, and they scratch yours.

So if you want to connect with other bloggers in your niche you need to know that actually online connection is no different from offline.

The only difference is that you get to hide behind your computer. As I previously mentioned, it makes you feel safe.

To connect and form a relationship with another blogger you need to go into their world. But it’s not difficult. It’s easier than you think. Just start a conversation with them and this is as simple as that.

Do not overthink this. Just go with it like you normally would offline. What actually makes it easier is, even if you’re shy on the streets, behind the screen is easy.

I would love to expand on that topic but I’d have so much to say, it’s best to write another article about it. Onto the next reason then…


Aside from the fact that blogging becomes these days the basis for any business, it opens up amazing opportunities to earn an income. It is one of the biggest benefits for most people.


For people who suffer from mental illness and even those who support them, blogging gives them a place to express themselves.

This is one of the reasons I began to write, let alone blog.

Over a decade, I succeeded in helping my wife in battle with mental health. I helped her beat anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and four attempts.

Today I help her in her battle with a terrible condition that shaped her life.

Whilst my wife was going through her difficult time, I began writing daily notes to capture my feelings. I never wanted her to know how I felt because the burden of mental illness was difficult to deal with already. 

Like I mentioned at the beginning – my daily notes grew to the point, that after putting them together and adding necessary pages, I wrote a book on how to support your loved one, with the title “No amount of anxiety will push me away”. Then I began to learn how to blog.

I gave up work for a while to keep an eye on M. I needed to find a way to make an income if I wasn’t to work for a while. I wrote a book, but I didn’t have a clue about how to sell it. 

After months of trying to sell it on Amazon, I realized it wasn’t worth it…

Something very powerful happens when you get into the habit of writing down your thoughts, ideas, stories, and opinions.

People have been doing this for centuries since Babylonian and Egyptian times, mostly in private diaries and journals.

Later on, people began to put their thoughts into a public forum for others to interact. Today it flourishes as blogging but the essence of it is still important – expressing your thoughts and sharing helpful ideas is simply amazing!

Having a place to express myself has given me many personal benefits. In researching and writing articles I can:

  • learn more about the topic of mental health
  • improve my ideas, opinions, and writing skills
  • make a change, help people
  • built my discipline and keep motivated
  • confront my fears and doubts to grow in confidence

The bottom line is it allows me to become much better as a person. So I decided to combine three things into one – helping people, my wife, and myself. I realized I could blog my way to better mental health and a healthier bank balance. This felt like no brainer!


Blogging is a lot of fun! To run a successful blog undoubtedly is a great amount of work, but it is also a lot of fun. 

The part of hitting the publish button is simple in itself, but the work accomplished beforehand gives this simple act a tremendous amount of satisfaction.

What makes it even better for me is the fact, that unlike the majority of people who write short posts, consisting of only 500 or 1000 words, I and my wife write epic articles consisting of 4500 and 10000. An average article of ours is 4100 words.

You noticed me emphasize the word “article”. The reason being is that, to me, posts are shorts and articles are longer. Everyone may have a different opinion on that but I see it that way.

Each post/article you publish has some background and a story. There is always something to write about. You never seem to feel like your finish. You want to help people and give them more value.

Putting the words and pictures together is extremely satisfying. There is always a sensation of accomplishment and relief. And then you wait and get excited, looking at your analytics, how many people are actually interested in your hard work.

It gives it more value than knowing, that people actually share your content all over the world and that is worth every minute of it.

Providing value to your readers is the priority reason to create content. It’s a huge part of what every blog should be about. Share your experiences and knowledge.

Make it clear, help people, and your readers will come back. Most of them look for valuable information and advice, that will allow them to solve their problems.

You always learn something new. Blogging itself is always evolving. Social media continues to grow at an incredible level of speed and each network has its own benefits. Putting this all together is an ongoing challenge that can never be mastered.

Take for instance the fact that we use Pinterest as our main source for traffic. How many people know about it? Yes, not many. Pinterest is the greatest and most misunderstood social media platform.


Blogging is an art but attracting the right audience is a science!

You may think you have a great gift to offer mankind and you should share your knowledge with the world. But you also need to understand the importance of digital marketing in this online world. 

Wordpress 1

Finding and connecting with the right people is crucial in finding the audience in your niche and for the overall success of your blog.

But how can you attract the right kind of people to your business?

Well, to begin with, you need to write consistently! You can’t find the right people until you know exactly what you stand for. In order to do that, you need to write all the time.

M and I try to write on a weekly basis. Sometimes it’s hard due to the fact that we have a daily job and (as for 2019) we blog on the side.

Some experienced bloggers write more often, twice, three times a week. But you cannot do that if you have a full-time job and write longer articles.

We don’t want to produce wishy-washy crap. We want to provide good content, that helps people. It’s easy to write whatever comes to your mind, short and often, but such posts don’t bring any value.

Remember – confusion attracts confusion.

If you don’t define your brand, you are going to have a tough time attracting the audience you want. You cannot blog about painting nails if your brand is about mental health.

In order to avoid confusion, you need to ask yourself many questions:

  • What is your blog about?
  • Can you handle consistency?
  • What kind of people would you like to attract?
  • What are their problems in life?
  • Would they be able to buy what you are trying to sell them?
  • How will it benefit them?

After you answer these questions, you have to start your own research. Get to work. Find out what is or are your audience’s internet platforms they hang out. Once you know who you want to bring to your blog, it’s time to figure out where to find them.

Start following popular groups in your niche. Depending on which kind of social media platform they are most active, you need to follow that, get in.

For us, it’s a mental health niche and our favourite social media platform is Pinterest. For many people, this platform is not understood, because it takes time to get learn the art of Pinterest and to gain any results.

If you love and stick with this platform, Pinterest will love you back and bring organic traffic.

Participate in groups and also other blogs dedicated to your niche to get your name and brand known. Take interest in people’s problems and try to help them out in a genuine way. Do not push the link to your blog into their faces. Establish your credibility first!

You need to also learn to speak their language. It’s time to create good, targeted content. Write what people want to know, is that simple. But is it?

If you are speaking in a tone that is familiar to them, then yes. Sharing thoughts similar to their own and giving advice they want is the key.

But of course, nothing comes easy, none of this is going to happen without your work and effort.

You have to hang around in the right circles all the time, every single day. You need to study your audience, pay attention to their comments and questions.

Finding your audience is a process that takes time. Not many people are willing to put effort and work into their blogs, this is why so many fail to achieve success.


It’s the best way of promotion. One of the most effective ways to build brand awareness is through consistent blogging. 

Wordpress 2

Whilst having a business is a huge step on its own, online marketing and branding strategy is very important in order for it to grow. The competitive nature of the global economy demands that businesses go further. 

Collecting subscribers to your mailing list is the best, and most definitely, the safest thing you can do. Why?

So you promote your business on social media platforms. People argue about which platform is the best based on the fact, they become experienced in their favorite one. It doesn’t mean Pinterest is the best. It is for me but may not be for you.

Now, imagine Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or even Pinterest going down, having some issues, or simply if they banned you from their platform, what would you do?


But you won’t panic if you have an email list. Furthermore, you are going to make more sales through your email list than visitors just on a very simple basis – if they subscribe, it means they are interested in your business.

Your subscribers like what you do, otherwise they wouldn’t sign up for your list. If social media went bust, you would still have access to all your customers.

Blogging is an inexpensive way for any small business to drive traffic to it. Ultimately it’s the best and most effective way.

So, if you want to increase your online exposure and establish yourself as an expert in your industry, you have to take advantage of blogging as a marketing strategy. 

When it comes to small businesses, blogging is a must.

The modern world demands changes and fixes things in order to always be on top of trends. The world always adjusts to the ever-changing environment.

The statement itself is true for many areas of life. It is especially true for any business. Blogging has become crucial for any business a while ago, but it still remains important.

Promoting your services and goods is not an easy task. That’s why blogs come in handy. They help with the multimedia, keep the audience interested, and promote a company.

If you run a business, what’s important is the quality of your posts/articles, so make sure to write only epic stuff. Blogs attract new clients. Posting relevant content is still a useful tool to increase traffic to your services.

It can help you share the latest news about your business and its promotions. Thanks to your subscribers, it is one of the best ways to spread the word about new services or changes, directly.


Blogging helps your mental well-being, your wallet and both of these allow you to have a happier, more secure future.

You improve your skills on many levels and connect with people. There are so many fantastic human beings and so difficult to find them in the offline world. Online you get to target the exact people you want.

Blogging helps you reach the unreachable. If you have a small or big business, creating a blog is a way to improve your marketing and ultimately, sales.

I could yap about blogging a lot. I absolutely love it! It improved me on another level and helped my lovely wife focus on something else than her mental health problems.

She escaped the monotony and ventured into a fantastic world of creation. She loves it the same as I do. For me, it helped me to focus on something during my homestay when M needed me the most.

It allows us both to share our knowledge to help all those affected by mental health problems and those who support them.

Aside from that, our Worry Head blog allows us to teach people about the most common chronic illness not many people hear about because it’s extremely difficult to diagnose. It affects 1 in 10 women around the world.

If you want to know more about Endometriosis, feel free to dive into our extensive articles in our helpful guide to endo.

And don’t forget to comment, we are looking forward to seeing you there, cheers!

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