How can blogging help your ill partner?

How can blogging help your ill partner

How can blogging help your ill partner? If your partner is chronically ill, blogging can be a great way to help them cope with their condition. At first, you might think that I’m bonkers, but there are many ways blogging can help your ill partner, and here are the most important ones to know: Chronic … Read more

Writing therapy

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Writing therapy. How blogging helped me… Writing therapy. Blogging is the best form of writing therapy! Writing therapy relieves tension and any accumulated emotions. Unlike during conversation or even better – argument, writing gives you time to express what you feel because you have time to think about what you are going to say. Have … Read more

Blog with WordPress

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Only blog with WordPress! Why blog with WordPress! Blog with WordPress everybody! I am going to show you 7 life-changing reasons, why to start a blog. For those who don’t know me, I run the Worry Head blog along with my partner in crime, my beautiful wife. We help people and their loved ones with … Read more